A Duramax Vinyl Shed Provides the Best Storage Solution For Your Yard Equipment and Workshop Needs

US Polymers Inc. is one of the major manufacturers of PVC compounds in the United States. Founded by the Harwal Group, the international company that has more than 65 years of experience in manufacturing plastic products, US Polymers has become a top processor of custom profiles, pipes, shutters, vinyl fences, and sheds since its foundation 27 years ago.

An All-Weather and Durable Shed:

The division of US Polymers that specializes in extruding vinyl sheds is Duramax Building Products. Highly dedicated to making top quality products, Duramax has developed an innovative vinyl formulation that can endure intense heat from the sun, especially the blazing hot sun in the West.

And it does not stop there. Committed to bringing the best products, Duramax has tested their sheds to also withstand high winds up to 115 mph and heavy snow loads of up to 20 pounds per square feet. Aside from being an all-weather vinyl shed, Duramax sheds have been manufactured to be fire resistant.

Built with tough vinyl walls and reinforced with galvanized steel wall columns and steel roof truss system, Duramax vinyl sheds are tough and durable. Most experts agree that vinyl is among the most durable building materials known to man. Duramax sheds will not dent or suffer from rust, rot, or attract termites or mildew. What’s more, you will never need repainting one of their sheds because it really won’t undergo any discoloration. The sheds are indeed an all-weather one that will last for a life time.

Additional Features:

And you also never to worry about hearing criticisms about your vinyl shed’s appearance from your friends. Duramax vinyl sheds are not durable, they are also beautiful. There are many great Duramax vinyl sheds designs out there that are available in various colors. One particular great Duramax vinyl shed is the one with layered roofs and thermoformed grain-patterned light beige walls.

Also, a Duramax shed has double wide doors and tall walk-in headroom to enable to you easily store heavy and large materials inside your shed. Customers also have the option to opt for sheds that have extra features, such as, windows, vents, skylights, padlocks, and shelving kits for additional storage.

And you don’t have to worry about hiring a handy-man to have a shed installed. All parts are pre-cut, drilled, and numbered so that you can easily assemble the shed. In fact, you can install a typical Duramax shed for only 3 hours.

From a small 5′ Series, to a large 10′ series models, Duramax sheds are available in various sizes that will cater your needs. But before you order a shed online, you have to make sure that you have measured the area where you will put up the shed.

Nobody wants to get a far too-small or too-large of a vinyl shed. So make your assessment before you shop for the perfect Durmax storage shed online.

No You Cannot Use My Ride-On-Lawnmower Engine and Equipment for a Ground Effect Hovercraft

They say that having a ride-on-lawnmower is a status symbol, especially if it is a ride on lawnmower of the most accessory endowed type with the largest motor. Nothing comes behind a man and his ride on lawnmower with custom drink holder. Nevertheless, the other day a neighbor who had a new invention concept asked if I would like to partner up with him to help him build his prototype. Being retired, that sound like something fun to do, until he explained to me what help he actually needed.

You see, he didn’t just want my help building this contraption of his. He wanted to use (read: confiscate) my yard equipment, and the engine on my lawnmower. Can you imagine the tenacity of this individual, what kind of neighbor would ask you to disassemble your yard equipment, and your trusty lawnmower tractor to build a new type of transportation device? He wanted to build a ground effect hovercraft no doubt. And he said it was partly my idea because I gave him information on building hovercrafts.

Yes, I told him but that doesn’t mean he can have the engine of my lawnmower. Meanwhile he said we can become partners and I could own a percentage of the prototype and any future company that we started. That sounds like a pretty good idea but I’m not going to sacrifice my pride and joy, we are talking about serious yard equipment here, these things are not cheap, and I have a custom lawnmower with a custom seat, and a special drink holder, and heck, I was even considering putting satellite radio on the darn thing.

The motor is a water-cooled 38 hp engine. It has several hydraulic systems able to do just about anything. Of course when I tried to explain this to my neighbor and why I didn’t want to donate my lawnmower to his cause, I could see his mouth watering as I explained all of the attachments, systems, and power that my ride on lawnmower has. He even wanted to use the seat for his ground effect vehicle, and he said the seat belt was perfect.

Of all the nerve, you think for a second a man would give up his pride and joy just to use it as a prototype for an invention and new company that might make 10s of millions of dollars in the future? No way! Indeed I hope you will please consider all this.

Simplicity Mower – Yard Equipment Worth Investing In

Not everyone needs a mower or a tractor but if in case you need one make sure you choose a brand trusted to deliver what they have promised. Buying this type of equipment will never be cheap, in fact most heavy duty type will cost you around a thousand up to four thousand dollars. And because of this fact you should be very smart in choosing which brand to buy. Consider this decision as an investment, since you will be spending a lot of your hard earned money. And when we say investment you know you should settle for something of good quality that can last you a life time or more than that if possible. This is where Simplicity mower comes into your options or choices when buying a reliable equipment.

Simplicity mower is a trusted equipment for all types of lawn and garden needs. The company Simplicity has been known to manufacture quality machines that are made to do even the toughest outdoor cleaning you have to do. Whether you need a simple tool to trim your grass or a heavy duty equipment that can keep an acre of lawn neat, this company have the perfect mower that can satisfy your needs.

You may find Simplicity mower a bit costly, but all the money you will have to spend be worth it. You are sure to get satisfaction from this equipment and you wouldn’t regret the day you bought it. Other than Simplicity mower you may find other products from this reliable company useful for other types of outdoor duties. They have the chipper shredder good for converting leaves and other clutter from your lawn into a fertilizer. For the winter season you can clear your driveway and pathway by using Simplicity’s Snowthrower. The company also have other machines that will surely be useful for people with a very wide land or for those businesses that needs to keep their establishments clean and green.

Those people who run and maintain resorts, hotels, haciendas and the like, you will surely find the appropriate tool needed to maintain your place neat and free from any type of clutter by visiting the nearest authorized Simplicity dealer near you. You may also check out their main website to see if installment plans are offered being so you can avail one of their magnificent equipments.

Don’t Wait to Service Your Tools and Yard Equipment

You’ve been thinking about your snow blower. You know the winter months are quickly approaching, but you haven’t even put away your leaf blower yet! However, you’re aware that if you wait until the first snowfall you’re going to have to scramble to get your snow blower cleaned up, serviced and ready to do its job. And it’s not much different when winter turns to spring and lawn mower repair comes to mind. You know that you must replace that blade before the grass starts to grow.

Each season brings with it a new set of tools and machines for yard care and maintenance around the home. As many have found out the hard way, if we procrastinate in regard to lawn equipment maintenance, tool repair and the servicing of our machines, we may end up reluctantly on our neighbor’s doorstep borrowing a tool or two.

Of course, we’re somewhat ashamed by this, knowing that it could’ve been avoided if we had only carved out a few minutes to clean, oil and service our equipment so that it’s ready to go when needed. It’s a frustrating feeling when we pull the starter cord on our lawn mower, leaf blower or snow thrower for the first time after about a year, only to find that nothing happens.

Stay Ahead of the Game

You’ve probably been working with tools and yard equipment long enough to know what it takes to keep this equipment in good working order. But a little refresher course never hurts. Let’s briefly go over a few things to pay attention to when servicing and preparing your yard equipment for another season. Always keep the owner’s manual around for each piece of equipment to use as a maintenance reference guide if needed.

Snow Blower: Change the oil. This goes for every piece of equipment run by a gas engine. Also, check the tires and make sure they are properly inflated. Take a look at the spark plug to make sure it is not worn or dirty. If you do see signs of wear, replace it. Check the belts for wear and tear, replacing them if they don’t look like they’ll last another season. Also look at the blades and auger to make sure they are sharp and turning evenly.

Lawn Mower: The same basic engine maintenance procedures apply in regard to changing the oil and checking the spark plug and all other connections. Also, look at your blade to see if it needs sharpening or replacing. If it is dull and nicked up, you’ll probably want to replace it. After draining the engine for the oil change, drain the rest of the fuel from the fuel tank, either by running the engine or carefully slipping off the fuel line. Proceed to turn the mower on its side to scrape the underside free of caked grass and debris. You may want to remove the blade for this.

Leaf Blower: If your leaf blower is electric, check the cord for any damage. Take a damp cloth and clean the blower tube. Many of these tubes can be removed for cleaning. If your leaf blower is gas-powered, the same general rules apply as with any small engine; change the oil, check the spark plug and check all connections.

Miscellaneous: When it comes to power tool repair, whether it’s a screwdriver, a drill or a saw, each item has its own unique set of characteristics. But they also have things in common, such as a power source. Whether the tool is run by electricity or is battery-operated, always check the power source and cords for damage and corrosion. When storing, remove batteries or wrap up cords evenly.